Men’s Dress Shirts – Understanding Seasons & Color

Men’s Dress Shirts – Understanding the Role of Seasons

blue dress shirt 01Introduction to Seasons and Dress Shirts

Dress Shirts for Spring
Dress Shirts for Summer
Dress Shirts for Fall
Dress Shirts for Winter
Seasons and Dress Shirts Conclusion

Introduction to Understanding Seasons and Dress Shirts

Although your natural features are the dominant factors in determining what color clothing a man should wear, they are not the only things you should pay attention to.

A well dressed gentleman also gives attention to the seasons, paying heed to the effect the colors around him have on the ensemble he has put together.

The dark two-piece suit and dark colored custom dress shirt you decide to wear may look magnificent on you, but at a summer wedding you’ll find yourself not only hot under the collar but sticking out like a sore thumb.

Let’s take a quick look at the seasons and the shades of color they invoke.

A man dresses for spring

Spring is the season of re-birth. It’s here that pinks, lavenders, and lighter shades of blue compliment a man.

dress shirt seasons colorWhites are also an excellent choice, and depending on the weather now may be a good time to wear any dress shirts made with man made fibers; as things warm up you will want to start wearing natural fibers.

Overall lighter weight fabrics are dusted off from their winter sleep, and a man would speak well of himself to wear multi-colored checks and stripes that complement that are light and not overpowering.

Summer colors for a man

Summer is a season when light and bold colors dominate the scene, and for good reason.

The hot weather makes not only light shades practical, but your choice of your fabric’s fiber will mean the difference between allowing your skin to breath or you sweltering like in a sauna.

13275198044_759e919d96_z100% cottons, linens, and silks are popular fabric choices because of their wicking qualities.

Gold striped shirts, red checks, and of course a wide variety of blue solids and patterns should grace the wardrobe of the well dressed man.

Fall men’s colors

Earth Tones and heavier fabrics begin to make their appearance.

Clothing tends to take on a somber appearance with the onset of cooler weather, and now with the weather getting cooling up, is a good time to start wearing blends again.

Their heat retention qualities are good on a cold evening you are caught without an overcoat.

Fancy checks and stripes with more color than white are excellent choices, and muted tones of blue on broadcloth or chambray are great selections.

A Man and Winter colors

Dark colors and heavy fabric such as flannels, twills, and oxfords make their appearance.

You can enliven your wardrobe a bit with a pink or maize dress shirt, or show off a burgundy check that’s been in your closet for a few months.

13064504323_c4f9829035_zRemember that winter is the season you want to get your money’s worth from the fabrics designed to keep you warm, and there is nothing like the feel of a heavy flannel dress shirt as it staves off the cold north winds.

Forest green and brown tones are a stable during this season, although they tend to be perceived as more casual.

Seasons and Dress Shirts – Conclusion

It’s important to remember that confidence in one’s appearance is vital to looking great.

When people look at you a tad longer than usual, you need to have the confidence in your outfit to know that it’s because you look that good (as opposed to looking that bad!).

Our advice is to have the courage to know yourself, and from that knowledge choose the colors that best complements you as an individual.