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Custom Menswear Testimonials

Click here to see what the Magnificent Bastard had to say about A Tailored Suit

tailored suit review magnificent bastard

Fit: Very good


* Huge fabric selection
* Offer the world's highest-end fabrics
* Wide variety of collar and cuff options
* The only shirt that came with side gussets

Nota Bene: We're pretty sure this thing is un-untuckable. It's cut long, so you could go five sets with Roger Federer and your shirt would still be tucked. Ideal Customer: Bankers, lawyers, and other traditionalists looking for high-quality shirting and willing to pay for it. Modest, shirt-jacking mistresses will also enjoy. Tasting Notes: Along with offering the highest-end fabric options -- see their $299 Sea Island Cotton shirts --

A Tailored Suit also provides you with a toll-free number for one-on-one consultations with a live person who can advise you on the best options for your body type and the look you'd like to achieve. If you're looking for digital-era ease with a touch of old-world "hands-on" attention, this is the place.


Click here to see what Torrey McMurray at Gear Patrol had to say about A Tailored Suit

Gear Patrol Tailored Suit Review"I was certainly impressed with my ATS experience; it changed my view of “internet custom couture”. If A Tailored Suit can make a shirt to my persnickety specifications, then I’m convinced of two things: the company is well-organized and knows what it’s doing and, if they can make me happy with a shirt, then they can make anyone happy with a shirt."

"Shortly after checkout, I received an email from the company’s President, thanking me for the business and giving a time line of the making of my shirt and when to expect delivery. Actually, a couple of days later, I got an email from the company clarifying my order. I ordered a check pattern cloth but with a formal style and the company just wanted to confirm that’s what I wanted. I thought that to be a great personal touch for an Internet based company. Later, is asked Antonio how he finds the time to check in on individual customers like me. He told me that, “we pay attention to the designs our clients submit and make sure they not only mesh but that the style selected actually compliments the man’s body type.” That’s just what any good tailor would do, flesh and blood or otherwise.

Still, I hadn’t seen the shirt yet. When arrived on my front porch, I opened the box to find a shirt that I was immediately impressed with. The quality of the cloth and finish were impeccable and met my expectations. I’m very discerning, mind you, and everything on the shirt is exactly the way I asked. The high, stiff collar, the stiff cuffs, form fitting body, and double button tab closure. I even had my monogram on the chest with no pocket."


Click here to see what Josh Rogers at ShortShrifted.com had to say about A Tailored Suit

Short Shrifted Tailroed Suit Review"I’m very pleased! The fabric quality and overall construction (stitching, buttonholes, etc.) are beautiful. Shoulder seams are dead on. As I said before, I wish I had opted for a “form fit” because the torso is a little looser than I would have preferred. Still, as you can see from the photo, it’s really not as blousy as many off-the-rack shirts can be. Bottom hem/tail falls perfectly for a dress shirt that I planned to always tuck in to my pants. My primary goal was to have sleeves that hit my wrists perfectly, and I was 100% satisfied in that regard

I’ve never had a coworker admire the cut of my shirtsleeves before. But that’s what happened when I debuted the custom dress shirt A Tailored Suit made for me. I was walking over to the office microwave to nuke some PG Tips when a colleague stopped me and literally reached out to feel the drape of fabric on my sleeve. “The break of your cuffs is just right,” he said, a bit breathlessly. Dare I say reverently? Why, thank you. I know. Cue the Sam Cooke. This is my first ever piece of custom clothing. And based on the experience — from working with the shirtmaker to wearing the finished product — it won’t be my last. What’s always stopped me before is the cost. And shelling out that kind of dosh will probably always give me pause in the future. But I can see now that it’s a worthy investment."


Click here to see what the editor of Manner of Man, Nicola Linza, had to say about A Tailored Suit

Manner of Man Tailroed Suit Review"Overall the entire experience was one long on satisfaction. I am pleased with the entire experience and impressed with the professionalism of the entire operation from the site to the final product. A Tailored Suit has a new client.

I found the site to be easy to navigate; as well, it is a highly efficient and informative centre for selecting your product, your fabric choice, providing your measurements, etc. Along every step of the way, one is guided on each issue of proper fit and appropriate sizing. There is also a personal telephone service for private consultation, which was a nice additional surprise. A Tailored Suit's site also has one of the finest catalogued collections of original articles written by the firm's president Antonio Centeno, regarding fit, colour, a man's colouring, tailoring, terms and more. The library alone holds a wealth of information a seasoned man of style will find useful and informative.

The ultimate test upon receipt was the actual fit of the item. Beside of course the obvious for a custom shirt - the body or trunk fit, the arm holes and shoulders, important to me is the fit of the neck collar and cuff. I was fully satisfied on both counts."



Patiently Guided a "First Timer"
Just a note to let you what a great job your staff did on my new suit and shirts. My son, a satisfied customer, put a full court press on me to give you a try. WOW, what a favor he did for me.

You guys patiently guided a "first timer" through the whole process from selecting just the right style, the perfect fabric, and the detailed measurement process. The result is the best looking/fitting/quality suit I've ever owned. The whole thing took less of my time than driving to Nordstroms and selecting something off the rack that wasn't really me.

If you come across a potential customer who is still a little nervous, you have my permission to have him give me a call. That will be my way of re-gifting the favor my son did for me.

Many Thanks,

Ken Elder
Alexandria, VA


Click here to see what JoshPremuda.com had to say about A Tailored Suit

josh premuda tailored suit review

"You already know this, but I love bespoke and tailored clothing. A Tailored Suit (ATS) sent over a custom-fitted shirt to me and I couldn’t have been more pleased. There are a number of online tailors these days. Frankly, it’s hard to choose one. ATS makes this choice rather simple.

I think you’ll find this is true after you place your first order. For my order I worked with Antonio, the company’s founder. After an initial discussion, I went through the measurement process (using this handy PDF) and tutorial. Then, I selected the fabric for my shirt and selected my collar style, cuff preference and other such details. Simple. Once you’ve submitted your order, you will have a shirt delivered in ~2-4 weeks.

I love my shirt. I was aiming for the “most versatile” shirt in the closet with this creation. And, for the most part, I nailed it. I can wear it with or without a tie, with jeans, and with a suit. I am beginning to fall into the school of thought that you can never own too many white shirts. So, I kept it simple with the color (I chose the Pima Cotton fabric). I also decided that for my face shape, I wanted a spread collar and decided on no front pocket and a double-button barrel cuff. One of my biggest complaints with button-up shirts is that they are too long to wear untucked.

Quick note here: I don’t untuck my shirt routinely, but want that option for those rare occasions when I do untuck the shirt. Anyway, I made this comment to Antonio and measured the length of my shirt accordingly. Upon receiving my shirt I noticed there was a straight cut at the bottom. I tried to wear it untucked, but it just didn’t work. I think it works for short-sleeve shirts, but not for this shirt. So, I’ll keep it tucked-in. Not a deal breaker, but think if I were doing it again, I’d request a normal bottom.

The fit of the shirt is phenomenal. I really can say this is one of my favorite shirts. I look forward to continuing as a A Tailored Suit customer and hope to try some of their other offerings soon. I give them the Joshua P. Premuda endorsement.


I have found a Trustworthy Tailor!
I received my first shirt last night. I am very pleased with the fit construction and packaging. I enjoy the extra efforts such the personal satisfaction/ shirt care letters and the bright blue packaging paper. Thank you for your phone call yesterday afternoon to inform me of when I could expect my package.

This shirt truly fits as if it were made just for me which is a testament to skillful pattern making and execution of the garment. It is extraordinary; I relished opening the box like a kid at Christmas, and was not disappointed. The monogrammed initials on the cuff are straight and well read, the cuff size is just right, enough ease is given in the shoulders and chest and the collar is stiff and crisp just as I requested. Collar height is excellent. I can fit 2 fingers in-between my neck and the collar (I expect it will shrink a bit after washing and I'm happy about that as I don't mind it a snug collar) which is exactly as it should be. Overall shirt length is perfect and there is the perfect amount of sleeve length.

Kudos to you and your team Sir (standing and applauding) It looks as though I have found a trustworthy Tailor. Finally! I will be placing an order for a suit next, followed by more shirts. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, thank you for the services that you provide and the HIGH level of attention that you have given me personally, these things ARE what clients like and long for concerning well made garments.

Thank you,

Kurt Neyhart
Designbasis, Inc.


It’s Awesome!
I got it! It’s awesome! I wore it to a job interview and landed the job. The clothing fits perfectly, is extremely well made, and it makes me look great! What more can I say.

Jeremy Guillory
Austin, Texas




Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We are confident that you will find our Garments and Service to be of the highest quality; We offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Simply call us here at A Tailored Suit, explain your issue, and return your unused garment within 30 days for a full refund.

It's that simple.




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