Mens Style Consultation, Free Fashion Advice, Company Image Management

Men’s Style Consultations

Imagine a men’s style expert assisting you in making your men’s clothing decisions by providing you with an analysis of the fabrics and garment styles that best enhance your personal style. At A Tailored Suit we stand behind our mission and offer a free 30 minute men’s style consultation to prospective clients. We’re serious about helping you on the path to sartorial excellence.

What A Tailored Suit will need from you –
1. Complete Measurement Form pdf
2. A phone number we can call you at.
3. Two times for us to contact you at and 3 working days notice. We’ll accomidate your schedule.
4. Photographs showing your body type and facial features (Style Consultation Picture Example)
What every style consultant recipient receives –
– A 30 minute personal phone call with one of our men’s style experts.
– A detailed list of suggested fabric colors, types, and garment fits that best complement your unique features.
– A 100% guarantee that you’re going to look great!

Corporate Dress Code and Business Style Consultations

The average sales profesional loses 70% of their business due to non-verbal communication failure – How much is this costing you and your Team?

A company is nothing more than the people who make it work – but what image are your people projecting when they meet with clients, suppliers, and potential customers? With visual cues being the most powerful means of initial communication, its imperative that your employees send a positive image of your company. A Tailored Suit provides consulting services in the area of image management, and we can effectively work with groups of 3 to groups of 5,000 or more.

Our standard rate is $500 per billed hour, not including travel. Please contact us for more information.

business dress code advice

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