Garment Types

Below are links to detailed descriptions and photographs of our men’s suits, tailored shirts, custom blazers, handmade sports jackets, and bespoke overcoats.

Men’s Bespoke Two-Piece Suit Photos Men’s Custom Tailored Dress Shirt Photos Men’s Bespoke Sport Jackets & Blazers Men’s Custom Overcoat Photos
2 Piece Suit custom shirt Blazer and Sports Jackets Overcoat

A Tailored Suit specializes in building quality men’s suits, custom dress shirts, blazers, sports jackets, and other menswear. We create your clothing from scratch; you have complete control over the design and details with the result being a garment whose fit, style, and color complement only you. All of our men’s shirts, jackets, and trousers are masterpieces of fabric and thread.
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