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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Buy Custom Tailored Clothing from A Tailored Suit?

1) Perfect Fit - To wear a bespoke suit is to indulge oneself in the knowledge that the cloth draping over your body was cut for your individual shape. Your suit will only fit one man in the world perfectly. And that man is you.
2) Customization - Do you want peak lapels on a 2 button single breasted jacket? Would you like a double vented jacket to ensure your backside is not exposed when you place your hands in your pockets? How about your name or a special message inscribed above an interior pocket? These are just a few of the thousands of options available.
3) Quality - We back our mens suits, dress shirts, and other garments with a 100% guarantee. Every garment is inspected numerous times to ensure you are always satisfied with your clothing.

For more information on why to choose bespoke, visit our style guide article on the subject

I can find a cheaper suit on the Web….why would I buy from you?
That’s true……but do you want a cheap suit that does not fit your body, is the wrong color for your complexion, and is not built to last a single professional cleaning? At A Tailored Suit we provide value in the form of a custom bespoke suit that complements your unique features. Our suits look good on you because they are crafted in the ways of classical men’s styling. One of our jackets will look good on its wearer not only a month after the purchase, but for a lifetime. 

Can I have you measure me?
A Tailored Suit does not have a team of tailors traveling the country performing measurements. Instead we focus on providing you with enough information so that you can measure yourself accurately and easily.  If you would like to have a local tailor or seamstress collect your measurements, we will reimburse you up to $25. 

Can I really measure myself accurately?
Yes, no doubt about it. By following the detailed instructions in our measurement guide and using a fabric tape measure, you can consistently obtain accurate measurements. In addition, we ask you optional bits of information which allow us to cross-check your submitted measurements. If a red flag pops up, we will contact you.

Do I have to measure myself?
No, we encourage our clients to have a friend or clothing professional measure them and even offer to refund you the cost up to $25 in the form of an in-store credit. Having assistance in gathering your measurements can make the process that much faster. 

What if my measurements are wrong?
If you follow the step-by-step measuring instructions and use an accurate tape measure, the chances of this are small. But let’s say you do make a mistake, perhaps you enter your waist as being 32 inches when it is really a 42 inches. When we review your information we will immediately see a red flag. Our check measurement for the waist, jean size, would tell us that there is a conflict. In addition, we look at how closely related measurements interact with each other for any anomalies. 

Do you really need pictures of me/so much detail?
Let us put it this way – the more information you give us, the happier you will be with your suit, dress shirt, sports jacket, or other garment. Although we could build you a garment with only three measurements, it would be nothing better than an off-the-rack suit or shirt. We ask every question in the measurement collection section for a reason; every measurement and physical attribute question is gathering crucial data.

Do you create an individual pattern for me?
Yes, every customer has a unique pattern built from their measurements. This is one of the distinguishing features between a made-to-measure and a bespoke shirt or suit.

Is there an extra charge for tall or large men?
No, we do not charge extra for tall or large customers. If you fit into this category, then please visit our men’s style guide for tips on designing your garment. The design of your suit is very important to ensure the proper proportions. If your measurements fall out of our online parameters, simply contact us and we'll finish the order via email.

How much is this going to cost me?
Our Bespoke Suits start at $1500 and our custom dress shirts start at $250, although first time clients must purchase a wardrobe package which starts at $3,995. We also sell Bespoke Overcoats starting at $1499, Sports Jackets starting at $1059, Blazers starting at $1099, and Trousers starting at $479. Please visit our prices and delivery page for a complete price listing

When do I pay for my garment?
Because the clothing is custom-made we process payments immediately. That being said, we are human being here and if you have a problem contact us and we'll do everything we can to make things right. 

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major Credit Cards, PayPal, Checks, and Money Orders. 

Do you ship internationally? 
We do ship outside the United States on a case by case basis. If you are outside the US and need a mens suit, dress shirt, sports jacket, or overcoat feel free to contact us and we will discus the extra shipping & customs costs.

Can you ship to someplace different than my billing address?
Yes, but for security reasons if we see this on your order we will contact you to confirm you are who you say you are. We are very careful about identity theft and fraud, and take extraordinary steps to prevent this from happening.

Can I get an update on the status of my suit?
Yes, please contact us and we will provide you with this information.

How do you ship?
FedEx and USPS are our standard shipping agents. All packages are sent priority insured or ground insured select.

Can I request my package faster? 
Yes, just let us know the date you need it and we will try our hardest to deliver.

Is my package insured?
Yes, we insure all of our packages.

Where do you ship from?
All packages will be sent to you from our shipping facility in Wittenberg, Wisconsin, USA.

Do I need to worry about my shirts shrinking?
The answer to this question depends on how you launder your clothes. If you use a dry cleaning service and/or wash all of your garments by hand and then let them hang-dry, very little shrinkage will occur. If you wash at home using your washing machine and dryer, you can expect shirts to shrink slightly in areas such as the neck and sleeves. We account for this shrinkage in the build of your garment.

How do I know I am receiving a quality garment?
Compare our products and see; we provide detailed photographs of our mens suits, shirts, sports jackets, and overcoats for all to inspect and see. You will be hard pressed to find anyone that matches us on our three core competencies: Fit, Convenience, and Quality of Build. 

What if my suit doesn't fit me to my satisfaction?
Please contact us as soon as you discover your garment does not fit you as you feel it should. We handle every case individually, and you can rest assured we want to make you happy with your purchase.

What is the policy on returns?
Upon the initial determination that A Tailored Suit has made a mistake, we will then make arrangements to have the clothing shipped back to us. Upon inspection of the garment and verification of all discussed information, an immediate refund is issued.

I made a mistake in my order….can I change or cancel it?
If you find that you have made a mistake, contact us immediately and we will do everything possible to avert the error from being reflected in your clothing.

How much do shirts cost?
$200 and up. Many factors determine a shirt's price, but basically as you go higher in price the quality of the cotton increases – this is relative though, as that all of our fabrics are from made from high quality cotton fibers. The only place where this doesn’t hold true is the difference between the $299 vs. $399 shirts - here the name of the mill where the fabric was finished is the reason for the price difference. 

What comes standard on your mens dress shirts?
Mother of pearl buttons, monograms, gussets, split yokes, removable collar stays, twenty stitches per inch, gauntlet buttons are all standard. From there you can request anything - we'll to our best to accommodate you! 

Do you warranty the construction of your mens suits, custom dress shirts, and overcoats?
If something falls apart, of course we’ll take it back and repair it.  If it’s minor (such as a button falling off), we’ll ask you to take it to a local tailor or seamstress for the repairs.  The cost is then refunded to you with an in-store credit.

Please explicitly define your interpretation of Bespoke.
Bespoke is where something is made from the primary parts for a single customer.  This means creating a pattern for every single customer based off their measurements alone, then using this pattern to build garments unique in the entire world from the fabric and to the design specs as determined by the customer.  Bespoke requires a human touch; machines can be used, but only as tool guided by a skilled artist.  The final bespoken creation is perfect for only one man, the man who commissioned it.

I would like to know what kind of thread is used (silk or polyester).
We use a cotton thread in areas where there is little tension, a stronger polycotton where seams and stress is expected.  We do not use silk as that it is not as strong when it comes to abrasion resistance; when wet it loses 20% of its strength (vs. cotton gaining 30%), and once stretched it does not return to its original length.  We can use it on buttonholes when requested.

How much of the construction process is done by hand.
Roughly 85% of the jackets construction is done by hand – but for an additional $400 we can hand make a full floating canvas with horsehair for any jacket commissioned.

What are the suit jacket’s shoulder pads made from?  Are they handmade?
Suit jacket shoulder pads are handmade from pressed cotton to allow some give.  The amount of padding depends on the size, build, and desires of the customer.

Do you use genuine horn buttons?
Yes, upon request. Expect a $35 charge on a jacket and $25 for button fly trousers. 

Are you going to send me a completed suit without sending for a few fittings first?
Right now our business model is not set up so that we can do multiple fittings.  But we do a lot of work on the front end to ensure your clothing fits perfectly.  First time customers are asked for front, back, and side photographs along with measurements from your best fitting jacket. Not that we copy this; no, we use this information to see where you are coming from and what type of fit you are used to.

What is the lining made of?  Can I pick the lining type?
We have 15 lining types on the website, but have access to literally any color and design you can think of.  We offer both Bemberg and silk (for an additional $150); both work, although we recommend Bemberg as that it has been in use for over 75 years, is superior to silk in performance, and is less expensive.

Is the lining attached by hand?
Not just one, but two hands attach every jacket lining!

Is the front dart-less in a fitted jacket?
Only if the customer asks – but then the jacket will be less form fitting than it would have been.  If the jacket is being made for a large man, this isn’t an issue.  But for most men we highly recommend jacket darts.

All new coats tend to settle after a few months time. Do you cover the cost to have these alterations or do I send the coat in to you?
If this is the case, please send the jacket back or we will refund you any tailoring expenses with an in-store credit.

What about button replacement?  If one pops off do I ship it to you or do you send me buttons?
We would ship it to you to have it attached locally. But all of our garments come with extra button sewn in just in case this happens.

Are the button holes done by machine or hand?
They are sewn by hand on all our suits, sports jackets, and blazers.

Are the button holes "keyhole"?
Yes, this is part of A Tailored Suit's house style.

Is the lapel boutonnière hole straight? How long is it?
Yes, the length depends on the lapel choice, but normally on a notch lapel you’ll see ¾ of an inch while on a peak lapel more like 1 inch.  We can and do make these as big or small as the customer wants. All of our boutonniere holes include a catch in the back so they can support a flower.

Do you set the sleeves into the armscye by hand or machine?
We set our jacket sleeves by hand of course!

Can the suit coat be made with high armholes?
Yes, but we’ll need your armscye measurement and armscye depth.  We prefer to wait till a customers 2nd jacket, in that getting this perfect is more of an art than a science. In addition most men find our standard armhole height higher than what they are used to from off the rack and are more than satisfied with our initial build.

If the sleeve pitch needs adjustment, am I supposed to mark it and send it back? 
When making a jacket for the first time, we require photos from the customer in order to gauge this.  The wrong sleeve pitch is a very difficult thing to fix as that the sleeves have to be taken off and adjusted.  We would take back the jacket and adjust it ourselves in this case.

Does the actual cutter get all this information? How do I know the person I spoke with on the phone relays all this information to the people building the suit or shirt? 
We are a small company that prides itself on great service and communication skills – the person you speak with on the phone works directly with our Zegna certified master tailor on every order.  Every order is carefully examined, every garment painstakingly designed and drawn out - this is one of our value-adds, a solid stream of communication that ensures the clients desires are not lost in the process.

Will a hand drafted personal pattern be cut for me?
Every client has a unique pattern made – this is not made to measure.

Under what conditions do your employees work?
We do not employ anyone or contract any work to organizations that knowing violate US and international laws. We do not employ persons under the age of 18. We care about our people and the companies that support us. As such, we treat every one as we would like to be treated. 






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All of our mens suits, custom shirts, bespoke sports jackets, custom blazers, and mens overcoats can be delivered UPS. All of our mens suits, custom shirts, bespoke sports jackets, custom blazers, and mens overcoats can be paid for using major credit cards. All of our mens suits, custom shirts, bespoke sports jackets, custom blazers, and mens overcoats can be delivered FedEx. All of our male bespoke suits, tailored dress shirts, custom sports jackets, bespoke blazers, and men's overcoats can be paid for with PayPal.
All of our mens suits, custom shirts, bespoke sports jackets, custom blazers, and mens overcoats can be delivered UPS. All of our mens suits, custom shirts, bespoke sports jackets, custom blazers, and mens overcoats can be paid for using major credit cards. All of our mens suits, custom shirts, bespoke sports jackets, custom blazers, and mens overcoats can be delivered FedEx. All of our mens suits, custom shirts, bespoke sports jackets, custom blazers, and mens overcoats can be paid for with PayPal.

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All of our mens suits, custom shirts, bespoke sports jackets, custom blazers, and mens overcoats can be delivered FedEx. All of our mens suits, custom shirts, bespoke sports jackets, custom blazers, and mens overcoats can be paid for with PayPal.

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