Why Should Men Purchase Custom Clothing?

There are three main reasons:

1) Perfect Fit – To wear a bespoke suit is to indulge oneself in the knowledge that the cloth draping over your body was cut for your individual shape. Your suit will only fit one man in the world perfectly. And that man is you. There is nothing else quite like it.
2) Customization – Do you want peak lapels on a 2 button single breasted jacket? Would you like a double vented jacket to ensure your backside is not exposed when you place your hands in your pockets? How about your name or a special message inscribed above an interior pocket? These are just a few of the thousands of options available if you decide to go custom.
3) Quality – A good tailor using superior fabrics will create quality that cannot be match compared to what you can find in a standard menswear store.

For more information on why to choose bespoke, visit our style guide article on the subject

Off-the Rack Clothing is So Much Cheaper! Does Custom Clothing Justify the Cost?

Yes, off-the-rack clothing is cheaper……but do you want a cheap suit that does not fit your body, is the wrong color for your complexion, and is not built to last a single professional cleaning?

Custom bespoke suits complement your unique features, which make you look and feel great. When wearing something of quality, not only will you save costs over time as the garment will last you longer, you will also enjoy wearing your clothing, which will really bring down the cost per use.

I need to get measured.. where do I start?

Along with many informative articles in high-end men’s fashion and custom clothing, A Tailored Suit provides detailed instructions on how to take your own measurements. 

Can I really measure myself accurately?

Yes, no doubt about it. By following the detailed instructions in our measurement guide and using a fabric tape measure, you can consistently obtain accurate measurements. As an alternative, you can always go to your local tailor for measurement taking if you feel more comfortable with that approach.

I love this site but I am Men’s Style Newbie. Where do I start?

Great to hear! There are two sections of A tailored Suit that would provide you with timeless information on custom clothing and high-end menswear:

1) Style Guide  – Our guide has many articles for you to get a firm grasp on mens style. Probably the most complete list of topics you can find anywhere on the subject!

2) Our Articles section – A list of categories in which you can drill down to the areas you are interested in.

Please explicitly define your interpretation of Bespoke.

Bespoke is where something is made from the primary parts for a single customer.  This means creating a pattern for every single customer based off their measurements alone, then using this pattern to build garments unique in the entire world from the fabric and to the design specs as determined by the customer.  Bespoke requires a human touch; machines can be used, but only as tool guided by a skilled artist.  The final bespoken creation is perfect for only one man, the man who commissioned it.

All These Articles Are Great and I Want to Learn More! Where Can I Get More Information on Men’s Style?

While we will be providing many more articles in the future, we also offer a 47 page ebook on the 7 deadly sins of men’s style which I recommend checking out.

In addition to this, our resources section provide further reading and tools to further your knowledge of high-end fashion and custom clothing.